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Caddx Alarm

The only reason I chose the Caddx Networx series alarm system is because it is supported, natively, by HomeVision.  To get the two to talk together the alarm needs to have an NX-584 serial interface board installed, and that connects to a free serial port on HV. [Serial add-on boards work well for this.]

One of the great things about having support for an alarm system in HV is being able to have it pull double duty. When it's armed the system functions like any other alarm system. But when we're home, zone status is still available to HV. Which means that I can do things like turn lights on when the back door opens, or when we walk into the kitchen, without any extra wiring or devices. I've also decided to forgo issuing 4 or 6 digit PINs for arming and disarming the system in favor of having HV do it. Occupant are authenticated with iButtons by readers mounted near each door. When the first person comes home [or the last person leaves] HV first disarms the alarm and then continues to get the house ready to be occupied [or unoccupied].

The alarm also supports one feature that was a requirement for my installation -- partitions. I live in a two family house and with partitions it's like I have two systems but they can be monitored [and work with HV] as a one.

Close up of the Caddx alarm. That's the main board on the right. In the upper left is the serial interface.

Schematic for the security system.