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This site describes my current home automation system.

I first became interested in HA when I [as I think most people do] bought an X-10 ActiveHome kit. I outgrew the thing in about two months and started my full blown addiction to HA [more expensive than heroine, but you don't have to stick needles in your arm.] with the purchase of a HomeVision controller. From there my system expanded rapidly. I added another computer, the Slink-e, HV Phone/CID add-on, touch screen, LCD, HV multi-function expansion board, and more recently a Caddx security system, and iButton hardware form Dallas Semiconductor. 

My first system was installed in an apartment in Midtown, NYC. It was small and sloppy [both the HA and the apartment]. All of the components lived on a bookshelf, wires were run around the baseboards, and anything that needed to be semi-permanent was double-sided taped to the wall. But I learned quite a bit, and when I moved into a real house in July 2001 I was better able to install my new system. I now have an entire closet I can dedicate to this addiction, and I can cut holes in the walls to make things look better. [Well, first it looks a bit worse -- but then better.]

I'm going to try to document my system on this site in as much detail I can manage. But websites have a tendency to fall out of date as new and exciting HA projects come up. I've tried to get the site as complete as I could before I published it, so hopefully there's not too much interesting stuff left out.

This site uses standard navigation techniques [if you can't figure it out, you've chosen the wrong hobby]. Feel free to link to anything you like, but I haven't settled on the organization yet so things may move or disappear.